The seed with speed!

  • Very high gross output UK recommended variety
  • Extremely vigorous autumn growth
  • Twin 8s for lodging and stem stiffness
  • Strong performance at known verticillium wilt sites

250,000 hectares of growers can’t be wrong! Campus is the most widely sown oilseed rape in the UK.

Its popularity owes much to its exceptional autumn and strong spring vigour characteristics, which have proved consistent on-farm performance.

Campus has good disease scores with a 6 for light leaf spot and stem canker, so is suitable for all regions, giving a good level of resistance to both major diseases.

Additionally, it performs well in trials where verticillium stem stripe has been found. It’s faster than the flea beetle and always delivers more than it says on the tin.


Bred by Saaten Union widely grown across Northern Europe, Anapolis was selected by the ‘Alliance Group of merchants’ (Wynnstay, Woodheads, Pearce Seeds, Hutchinsons and Daltons) for the UK market as a result of its performance in their commercial agronomy trials.

Having established a reputation for excellent grain quality and good disease resistance, particularly to fusarium in National List Trials, Anapolis delivered storming yields when grown using commercial agronomy programmes in the Alliance Group’s trials. Anapolis would appear to be particularly suited to following maize, making it a useful option following energy crops in the east and forage crops in the southwest.

Blazen is a high yielding conventional variety recommended for the north but suitable for all the main OSR growing areas of the UK. It is a Picto cross and has good resistance to lodging. Blazen is also the first variety from KWS UK to be marketed under the KWS OEP scheme.

It has a very good multigene resistance to stem canker. Blazen is a short and stiff variety with good performance across the main OSR regions of England and has had excellent performance in KWS UK trials.

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